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Rental Policies

  • We’ve made it easy...

    We’ve created car rental service as it should be. Clear and transparent rules, great rates, no hidden costs and no credit card required (we accept cash on arrival). Find all what you need to know about our service below...

  • Restrictions

    • Minimal rental is 5 days. Minimal rental This is only way that we can provide great rates with delivery, insurance and unlimited mileage included. It is simply not possible to do that with rental shorter than 5 days... If you need a car for 3 or 4 days you can find it cheaper to make 5 days reservation with than a shorter rental with other agency.
    • Rental car can be used in Bali only. About restriction Our cars can be used in Bali only. This is standard rental policy here. If you are planning to travel around Indonesia, consider hiring car in each Island or go for rather expensive deals of international companies like Avis.
    • We require valid license form a driver (any nationality).
  • Pick up & Drop off

    • Delivery (pick-up) and drop-off is free of charge.
    • We deliver cars to the airport for any flight (24/7).
    • We deliver cars to any hotel in selected areas: Kuta & Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua & Jimbaran, Ubud, Denpasar. Service is free of charge. Delivery time: 8AM-8PM.
    • Car should be returned maximum 2 hours later then it was received. If you are planing to keep your car longer make sure to inform us about that.
  • Insurance

    There are 2 insurances:

    • 1) Full insurance for rental car: covers damages and theft.
    • 2) Limited 3rd party liability: limited to IDR 5,000,000 per occurrence.

    Both insurance are already included in our rates.

    You maximum liability in case of car damage is $300. Maximum liability If it is small damage, let us know and most likely it will not cost you anything. If it is rather expensive to fix, we will use insurance to cover the repairs and even if you damage really badly you will pay only $300 (your maximum liability).

  • Payments & Cancelation policy

    • We charge only $100 as a deposit and we refund it at the end of your rental. Deposit will be lost if car is damaged.
    • We accept cash on arrival. Accepted currencies: USD (American Dollars), IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), AUD (Australian Dollars), EUR (Euro).
    • Its OK to cancel reservation. Just send us an email with your reservation number and simply say „cancel my booking”. No explanations are expected.
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