Illustration for phuket car rental  - Toyota Fortuner in Phromthep Cape area
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Phuket car rental

Updated 6 July 2016

Bali has a lot to offer – amazing culture, stunning sceneries, lots of activities, but doesn't come close to beautiful beaches in Phuket. Check out this guide for useful tips on getting around Phuket and renting a car…

Perfect in size for exploration, well connected through a seaport and an international airport, Phuket definitely deserves its steady popularity. The island is one of Thailand’s most favoured destinations amongst honeymooners, families and adventurous globetrotters. The reason behind the phenomenon is simple: Phuket is so much more than Patong Beach. A wonderfully diverse island with incredible sceneries, an abundance of attractions and fun activities, offering all sorts of comforts and services, and boosting some of Thailand’s best restaurants and nightclubs.

Driving around Phuket - Phromthep Cape
Phromthep Cape, Nai Harn Beach One of Phuket's most iconic locations. Start driving from Kata Beach to see stunning drive through area. Try to get there right before sunset.

Driving in Phuket

Just like Bali, hitting the road on your own certainly lets you experience and enjoy Phuket to the fullest. If you have managed to maneuver your way through Bali’s narrow alleys, navigating the streets of Phuket should feel like a breeze. The roads are wide, but traffic might get heavier at times in areas such as Patong or Phuket town, with numerous motor bikes sliding between cars, so cautious driving is certainly advised. Needless to say, renting a car in Phuket gives you that wonderful flexibility and independence to explore and enjoy every bit of your trip, including the rides. Most likely you will find its easier to drive in Phuket than in Bali. Most of the roads are in good condition and traffic is not that heavy even in popular areas. Traffic in Phuket is left hand side - like in Indonesia.

Road in Phuket Town
Phuket Town Charming streets of capital of the island. Visit town for great (and cheap) restaurants, lovely coffee shops, art galleries and great shopping.

Few tips on renting a car

Driving around - one of Buddhist temples in Phuket
Cultural sights. While driving around Phuket you will stumble upon many beautiful Buddhist temples and Chinese shrines. Just a few 'musts see' places: Wat Chalong, Big Buddha Statue, Jui Tui Shrine, Wat Srisoonthorn, Wat Suwan Khuha.

Cost to rent a car

With good rental companies 1st class insurance and taxes are already included in rates.

Expect lower rates in low season and higher rates in peak season. Low season in Phuket is from May till end of September. Peak season - December and January. Ask for special monthly rates if you are staying in Phuket for longer. You can find deals from 17,000 THB per month.

Toyota Vios - one of most popular cars rental options
Toyot Vios Most popular car rental option. Good comfort for 4 passengers and very reasonable rates.

Recommended car rentals in Phuket

Beside big international companies like Herz and Avis you will find great local companies offering fantastic service.

Phuket car rental with driver

If driving yourself seems like too much hassle, you might consider hiring a car with driver. While hiring drivers isn’t as widely popular in Phuket as it is in Bali, it certainly broadens your options. Expect to pay double price comparing to Bali - rates for one day (10 hours) are close to 100 USD. Car, driver service and fuel are included. Companies offering car with driver rental:,

Whichever method of transportation you choose for your adventures - keep your common sense sharp, be safe and enjoy!