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Questions & Answers

See also small guide on driving in Bali...

General Questions

Do I need to have international license?

We require valid driving license, not necessary international one, but expect to pay a fine if police stop you (usually between 5 and 10 USD).

What is included in total price?

We made it simple and included all rental costs, so no surprises here.
Included in your total price:
  • Insurance
  • Delivery & collection service (airport and hotels)
  • Tax & fees
  • Unlimited mileage
  • 24/7 support
Please note that $100 deposit is required. You will get it back when at the end of your rental.

What about deposit?

We charge only $100 as a deposit and we refund it at the end of your rental. Deposit will be lost if car is damaged.

Can I rent GPS?

You can hire additionally GPS unit for USD 5/day. Learn more about GPS rental...

What if I make a damage?

No worry, we got it covered. If it is small damage, let us know and most likely it will not cost you anything. If it is rather expensive to fix, we will use insurance to cover the repairs and even if you damage really badly you will pay only $300 (your maximum liability). Check rental policies to learn more...

How can I pay? What currency?

We accept cash on arrival, so you will pay total amount when receiving your car.
Accepted currencies:
  • American dollars (USD)
  • Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
  • Australian dollars (AUD)
  • Euros (EUR)
When paying in other currency than USD we will apply current exchange rate.


I am traveling also to Java/Lombok. Can I go by rented car?

Our cars can be used in Bali only. This is standard rental policy here. If you are planning to travel around Indonesia, consider hiring car in each Island or go for rather expensive deals of international companies like Avis.

What’s the cost of fuel?

Around 4,500 RP (USD $0.5) per liter.

Can I hire driver?

We rent cars for self-drive only.

Is it difficult to drive in Bali?

Driving in a foreign country can at first be quite a frightening act for even the most experienced drivers. Even though driving styles of Balinese drivers may vary, the rules of the road are exactly the same as in other developed nations. With a little bit of focus and patience, driving will give you independence to travel, become entirely manageable and an enjoyable experience. Learn more about driving in Bali...


What status „New” means?

You have successfully completed booking process and now your reservation will be reviewed: we will check availability and delivery details (flight number or hotel details). If everything is OK we will confirm your reservation. Normally it takes only few hours to confirm reservation and never longer than 24 hours. You will receive confirmation email when its done. Also you can check status of your reservation any time on „my reservation” page.
Important: If you don’t receive confirmation within 24 hours please contact us.

What status „Confirmed (OK)” means?

Everything is OK with your reservation. You don’t need to take any other actions. We will deliver your car as requested. It’s that simple...

I didn’t receive confirmation email yet...

In most cases we confirm bookings and contact Clients within few hours. If you haven’t receive any message from us, please check spam folder on your mail or contact us at

I have problems with booking online...

Feel free to make reservation by email or telephone. To process your reservation we need these information:
1) Your first and last name,
2) Desired car model (e.g. Jimny, Karimun, Avanza),
3) Pick up & drop off date,
4) Flight number for airport delivery,
5) Name and address of hotel, reception telephone number, pick up tim for hotel delivery.
If you are already in Indonesia you might call us to make booking:
Nyoman Suwendra:
+62 (0)81 238 626 20

I need a car for less than 5 days...

Minimal rental period is 5 days. This is only way that we can provide great rates with delivery, insurance and unlimited mileage included. It is simply not possible to do that with rental shorter than 5 days... If you need a car for 3 or 4 days you can find it cheaper to make 5 days reservation with than a shorter rental with other agency.

I want to cancel my reservation...

That’s fine. Simply say ‘cancel my booking’. That’s all, explanations are not expected. Drop us an email at

Please give me your best rate...

Our best rates are already published on the website. Rates are fixed and we do not apply any other discounts. Our Clients always pay according to one rate plan, no matter how good negotiation skills they have and we believe this is fair approach.

Airport Delivery

Do I have to pay for airport delivery?

Delivery service is free of charge. You can return a car at the airport and its free also.

How will I find you at the airport?

Our staff (wearing T-shirts) will wait in arrival hall with your name written on the board. No worry, it always goes smooth. Just in case write down this number: +62 (0)81 238 626 20

My flight arrives very late, is it still OK for airport delivery?

Yes, we deliver cars for all flights (24/7).

I will be tired after flight, can you arrange transfer to hotel?

We do not provide transfer services. You can start your rental next day and get your car delivered to your hotel.

Hotel Delivery

Do I have to pay for hotel delivery?

Delivery service is free of charge. You can return a car in a hotel or at the airport and its free too.

How will I find you at the hotel?

Our staff (wearing T-shirts) will be waiting in reception/lobby of your hotel/villa. We will be there around 10 minutes before requested delivery time.

I want to pick-up a car in a distant location (Pandang Bai, Gilimanuk)...

We are sorry, but we provide hotel delivery only in these areas: Kuta & Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua & Jimbaran, Ubud, Denpasar, Airport.

Receiving and returning

What is procedure of receiving a car?

We will ask you to have a look at the car and to note its conditions before use. We advise you to have a local cellphone number so you can reach us in case of any problems. You can buy a local SIM card at low price and use it in your own cellphone.

What time should I return a car?

You should return it not later than it was collected (e.g. if you receive a car at 10AM, you should return it also in the morning). We are OK with returning a car 1 or 2 hours later. Please make reservation one day longer if you pick-up a car in the morning and dropping-off in the evening. For few hours extra we will charge you half of daily rate.

Can I return a car at the airport?

Yes and It is free of charge too. You can arrange it with our staff when receiving a car.

Can I return a car at my hotel?

Yes. You can arrange place and time with our staff when receiving a car.
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