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Suzuki Swift $25/day

Bali Car Renta: Suzuki Swift
Daily rate
14 days +
Monthly rate


Very comfortable, excellent for exploring Bali
Comfortable for 4 passengers, maximum 5
Medium luggage space


Manual transmission
Air Conditioner
Audio: Compact Disc Player
Power steering, Central lock, Electric windows (all)

Car details

Great compact car, perfect for a couple or small family looking for comfortable and easy drive.

Suzuki Swift photos
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  • Flight number For example FD-3677. We use it to track your flight and deliver car on your arrival, even if flight is delayed.

Rental days




Payment: $ + deposit (cash on arrival)

Questions & Answers

What is included in total price?

We made it simple and included all rental costs, so no surprises here.
Included in your total price:
  • Insurance
  • Delivery & collection service (airport and hotels)
  • Tax & fees
  • Unlimited mileage
  • 24/7 support
Please note that $100 deposit is required. You will get it back when at the end of your rental.

How can I pay? What currency?

We accept cash on arrival, so you will pay total amount when receiving your car.
Accepted currencies:
  • American dollars (USD)
  • Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
  • Australian dollars (AUD)
  • Euros (EUR)
When paying in other currency than USD we will apply current exchange rate.

What is deposit?

We charge only $100 as a deposit and we refund it at the end of your rental. Deposit will be lost if car is damaged.

Do I need to have international license?

We require valid driving license, not necessary international one, but expect to pay a fine if police stop you (usually between 5 and 10 USD).

Can I rent GPS?

You can hire additionally GPS unit for USD 5/day.
More about GPS rental...

What if I make a damage?

No worry, we got it covered. If it is small damage, let us know and most likely it will not cost you anything. If it is rather expensive to fix, we will use insurance to cover the repairs and even if you damage really badly you will pay only $300 (your maximum liability).

I need a car for less than 5 days...

Minimal rental period is 5 days. This is only way that we can provide great rates with delivery, insurance and unlimited mileage included. It is simply not possible to do that with rental shorter than 5 days... If you need a car for 3 or 4 days you can find it cheaper to make 5 days reservation with than a shorter rental with other agency.

How airport delivery works?

During booking process select „airport delivery”. Find your flight number on your ticket, for example FD-3666. Now we can track your flight and deliver car right on time, even if flight is delayed. We will meet in arrival hall. Our representative will hold a sing with your name.

How hotel delivery works?

During booking process select „hotel delivery”. Select area, enter hotel name, select delivery time. You will meet our representative in hotel lobby/reception.

Can I use a car outside Bali?

Our cars can be used in Bali only. This is standard rental policy here. If you are planning to travel around Indonesia, consider hiring car in each Island or go for rather expensive deals of international companies like Avis.
Tips on hiring car with driver in Bali...

Customer support: +62 (0)81 238 626 20, Email: